Additional Books

JavaScript Cookbook offers succinct solutions for common JavaScript problems. Need to apply a function to every element in an array? Want to hide data inside an object? This book can serve as a useful resource once you can comfortably read and understand JavaScript code.

JavaScript: The Good Parts: The Good Parts provides a decent starting point for understanding JavaScript if you're coming from an object-oriented language, such as Java or C#.

Class Resources

Download a .zip file containing the latest class tutorial files.
Samples and quizzes can be found on CodePen.
The class review quizzes can be viewed here: Review 1, Review 2.
Recaps of class sessions can be found here.

JavaScript Basics

Need a refresher on some introductory JavaScript concepts? While it's not a complete review, you can try this PowerPoint presentation on some of the language basics.

Cheat Sheet

View or download a JavaScript cheat sheet of commonly used properties and functions.

Online Resources

Mozilla JavaScript Guide and W3Schools offer tutorials and JavaScript references.
SuperHero.JS provides a nice index of helpful resources on a variety of JavaScript topics.
CodePen allows you to enter HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets into the browser for testing. You will also find a variety of samples posted by others.

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What's Next?

Practice...a lot!
Can you create an accordian-style menu?
Can you figure out how to display the 10 most recent flickr photos on a web page?