iOS Development

Training and Education




Training and Education

  • CSS Grid - Wes Bos has made his tutorial on CSS grid available for free.


Training and Education

  • JavaScript - No programming experience, but want to start learning wen development? Mozilla Developer Network provides some nice assistance to get you started.
  • A re-introduction to JavaScript - If you have some experience with JavaScript, but may be a little rusty, this tutorial will re-introduce the essentials of the language.
  • You Don't Know JS - All of Kyle Simpson's "You Don't Know JS" book series is available in electronic form on GitHub.

Tools and Libraries


Training and Education

General Programming

  • Grokking Algorithms - If you have learned mobile or web development through a web course or bootcamp, you may not have been exposed to the topics of algorithms and data structures. Grokking Algorithms provides a very understandable introduction to this topic. (If you purchase the print edition, you should be able to download a digital version of the book from the publisher's web site.)