• Borrow, Buy, or Build?

    Two little words - "pod install" - and the world is at your fingertips...Is there any reason not to jump right in and borrow the functionality someone else has developed and made available?
  • Delegates Are Not Notifiers

    You're an iOS developer. How would you set up a class to notify another object of an event?

    In the context of iOS development, a few options may come to mind when answering this question: NotificationCenter, blocks/closures, or delegation. By far, the most popular answer I've received in interviews is delegation, which is understandable given the frequent use of the delegate pattern in iOS APIs. However, there is a difference between notification and delegation, just as the names imply.

  • Diving Into React Native

    React Native looks like it provides a great set of tools to help mobile developers get a new app running on iOS and Android without needing to build the same app twice. Facebook and Instagram have successfully integrated React Native into apps used by millions, so the technology seems to be stable and ready to ship. I recently had an idea for a small app and thought I'd take React Native for a spin to see how it worked. Here's what I found.